First in Shizuoka Prefecture!! The "Kakegawa Honin" clinic specializing in improving coldness was opened in Kakegawa City.
Equipped with ceramic footbath! It responds to symptoms such as coldness, swelling of the foot, menstrual pain, headache, stiff shoulders, insomnia, etc.

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Welcome to the "Style"!

Treatment program that combines porridge and body

The treatment of the chewing style is based on the improvement of the cold, and the treatment which combines the body and the porridge, and the foot bath becomes basic.
In Oriental medicine, cold is considered to be the cause of various disorders, and improving the blood flow of the body and improving the cold is the basis of the treatment.
In addition to improving the blood flow of the body, porridge has been proven to be effective for indefinite complaints such as poor circulation, constipation, insomnia and menstrual pain.
In addition, modern porridge is not a direct porridge that can be placed on the skin directly as before, indirect porridge that does not have to worry about burns on the skin has become the mainstream.
The pleasant warmth, "unique" aroma, and medicinal ingredients of mogusa improve your body's upset.

Treatment flow

Six features that differ from other stores

Feature 1: Ceramic footbath installed
It is a topic when I put it while i put on socks.Three ceramic footbaths installedThe far infrared effect of ceramic with high emissivity allows it to be warmed from the core of the body.
Ceramic footbath

Feature 2: Commitment to technical capabilities
All practitioners are national lying. It is also a unique manipulative technology."Deep muscle x sustained pressure"The "Kei style method" that combines the theory of meridians and the theory of meridians, to speed up functional recovery and enhance self-immunity.
The state of the physiotherapy

Feature 3: Commitment to space
A calm space of japaneseEach bed has its own separate private roomIs prepared. You can receive the treatment calmly without worrying about the surroundings.

Feature 4: Commitment to linen
Towels that touch your skin directly are also used in luxury hotels.100%Organic cotton towel.Organic to ensure quality safety(Gots)We have acquired certification and Ecotex certification.
100%Organic Cotton Towel

Feature 5: Kids space equipped
Completely private room with a children's spaceThere is. Eyes to children can also reach, you can receive the treatment without hesitation.
Private room with kids space

Feature 6: Maternity body compatible
For pregnant women who have passed the stable period, you can perform the body by the treatment in the horizontal direction using a dedicated pillow. The style of the rose isMaternity Body Care Association Accreditation InstituteSo don't worry.
Landscape treatment using a pillow

The first trial campaign is being carried out! !

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An effective porridge for physical disorders

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静岡県掛川市中央2-4-7中央ビル3-B JR東海道本線(熱海~浜松)掛川駅 から 徒歩10分 ・菊川駅から7.1km